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Your First Visit with me…


I can't wait to meet you!  The experience starts when you submit an appointment request below.  The button below will send you to my online booking site. After you submit your request, I'll double check that the date, time, and service makes the most sense for your hair needs, and we will make it a date! I recommend booking an Advanced Hair Analysis if you have time.

The day of your appointment -- You will pull up to the cutest little salon in Arcadia. We've got tons of  free parking, and you'll know you got the right spot when you see the big "Leidan Mitchell" sign out front. Hint: It’s right next to Pita Jungle. Once you make your way inside, we will find a spot to sit down and we will discuss not only the details of your first visit, but also a long-term plan to ensure all of your hair goals are met. 

If you're here for color, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded in my system so that it's always ready and waiting at each visit.  We've got Wi-Fi, lemonade,tea, snacks, phone chargers, and more to keep you comfortable as your color processes.

I will wrap up the visit by sharing my recommendations for at-home care and set you up with your next appointment. Still have questions about which services to book click here.


Let’s get you booked!