Most women find the pressure of of being on stage in front of all the most important people in their life a little daunting. Your wedding day is perhaps the one day in your life when all eyes will be on you ; and you definitely don't want to have regrets about the way you look in your wedding photos. Here I have my top five beauty tips to hack your way to a beautiful wedding day look.


It makes sense to start with your dress. You don't want to plan a half-up hair-do or a long woven braid if it is just going to cover the beautiful detailing on beading that is the centerpiece of your gown. Here's a hint: You want to have chosen your veil as well. A cathedral vs. bird cage will completely change your hairstyle. My favorite place to find last years dresses in the valley is Brilliant Bridal in Mesa, AZ. They are new, never previously owned dresses from last years roll out.


This one is going to depend on the needs of your skin. If you have problematic skin prone to breakouts you may want to start your facial routine 6 months to a year in advance. If your skin is relatively clear, one facial 2-4 weeks before the wedding date is fine. If your are looking to do some major texturing, you have several options. A series of 6, light peels and micro-dermabrasion, separated by one month each, works well for light resurfacing.

If you have deep acne scars you may consider either micro-needling or Laser resurfacing. Both technique give you a relatively similar result,  however for the deepest of pits and scars major laser resurface may be your only option. Some stronger lasers are done in only one or two applications and this is also an option for someone who has less time before theirwedding day. Please be aware, the stronger the laser, the more pronounced the down time. Be prepared to take a week or two off of work. I you have dark spots the only option that I have found is a spot treatment laser followed by a regimenof hydroquinone and retinal at night. I found great results at Perfect Skin and Laser Center in Tempe, AZ.

A lot of brides try Botox for the first time for their wedding day. If done correctly the only people who will know are you and your doctor. However, this is really important, notice I said DOCTOR? Here the the valley a nurse practitioner, RN, or even and LPN, can inject Botox and fillers. I'm sure there are nurses out there who know what they are doing but I can only speak to my own personal experience, which has been that the nurses that did my injections overfilled and in once instance, left me asymmetrical. I then had to be filled more on the other side to balance me out. Oh boy was I ever frozen that time! Fortunately the effects of Botox wear off. I have also had several doctors do my injections and my experience was a much more natural result. I prefer to use Dysport, which is the Pepsi to Botox's Coca-Cola. I find it faster acting and longer lasts. For me, Dysport begins to work almost immediately with full effects in three-five days. It also tends to last six to seven months as apposed to Botox's four month window. So if you decide to go under the needle, plan accordingly. Make sure to have tried your injector once to see if you like the results you get. Tell your doctor that you don't want to look frozen and that you are planing on getting some for your wedding day. Get your first injection 6 months in advance then go back in for a touch up one month before the wedding date, leaving plenty of room to fix any problems. It is also worth noting that some laser and facial treatments are counter-indicated with botox for at least one month after the injection. But most of all, do your research. I have had great results with Dr. David Cramer of the Natural Healing Medical Center in Mesa, AZ. His results are so incredibly natural! I also really like Dr. Ann Watwood, the medical director of Clear Skin Institute in Phoenix, AZ. She tends to give a more lifted result if you request it.


Eyelash extensions; get them! They will change your whole life. Make sure to try them ahead of time in case your are allergic to the glue or just don't like them. You will have them filled every four weeks so try them out at least a month in advance and then have them touched up the day before your wedding day for optimal results.

Micro-blading your eyebrows isn't for everyone but if your find a really good artist it can really give your makeup a beautiful look. Get them done at least one month in advance and have them touched up two weeks before your big day.


Don't waste your money on Coolsculpting, or Ultrasound Fat Reduction, or any of those other non-invasive fat removal procedures. They don't work well enough for the price tag. If you are serious about have a procedure done, bite the bullet and get liposuction. You will likely spend less and have better results.

The route I recommend is a combination of the HCG diet and a personal trainer. There is just no substitute for good old fashion hard work and sweat. If you are considering the HCG diet I highly recommend Vitality Med Spa, they are hundreds of dollars cheaper than everyone else in the valley. They have a Scottsdale and Mesa location.


Finally! My favorite subject. Let me start by saying. I do not do bridal hair and make up without a trial way ahead of time so that we can work out all of the details. It always amazes me when a bride is even considering having their hair and makeup done by someone they haven't even met. What if your stylist/ makeup artist isn't any good? It may also a have nothing to do with talent most discrepancies in this area have a lot more to do with taste. Maybe you like to look really contoured and sculpted and maybe her strengths are soft natural and smokey looks. Another problem I see all to often is either unrealistic expectations or brides choosing looks that are flattering on the model but not on their own features. I often have brides who come in with a picture of a woman that has super long thick hair and their own hair is thin and shoulder length. I can do the look on them but it is going to look different. So we either need to talk extensions, which can take several weeks and several thousand dollars to make the look happen, or we need to come up with another idea. This is not a conversation that I want to have on someones wedding day.

Another super easy trick that I tell all the brides who want a good amount of volume on top but have fine or thin hair is your are gonna need a bump it hair insert tool. You can get them on AMAZON for like $1.50. So order that ahead of time is your look requires it.

Above all do your research and plan ahead. No one will remember what the food tasted like or if the music was good but your wedding photos are forever. Thanks so much and if you liked this post you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates.