Summer Hair Hacks and Tricks


If sultry summer waves have always seemed elusive check out my hacks and tricks for perfect texture from the beach to the club.

If you are looking for perfect waves look no further than the original surf spray and surf line from Bumble and bumble.


Start your look out with Surf shampoo and Conditioner. (Pro Tip: For dry or platinum color treated hair swap Surf conditioner with Hairdressers Invisible Oil Conditioner.) This allows you to start your style in the shower and begins to create the texture you need.



Next, gently blot the hair dry with your towel. Don’t rough it up or you will create frizz.

Run a nickel sized amount of Don’t Blow it from mid strands to ends.

Separate the hair into 4 or 5 sections. Take each section and twist away from the face. Spray each section with Surf Spray.

Continue to twist until the section wraps into a tight ball and squeeze it for a count of five. Do this for all five sections.

Finish with a light spray of Hair Dressers oil dry finishing spray for a gentle shine and UV protection.

Now you can be ready for the beach, the bar, the road trip or wherever life takes you this summer.