Revolutionizing The Curly Cut! Don’t Go Back to the Salon without Reading this Article!

Curly Girls (and guys), are you still going to the salon and getting your hair cut wet? Do you wear your hair curly, ie. your natural texture, at least 50% of the time?



Then why on God's green earth do you go to the salon and have your stylist wet your hair, use a comb on it and break up the natural curl pattern and then comb it all out straight before you get it cut? All just so she can spend thirty minutes breaking her back to remove your gorgeous natural texture!

Where is the logic in that? Sure, it will look fine in the Salon. Then you will go home, wash your hair and your natural curl pattern will reform as best as it can but the cut was for a different shape. It was designed on your straight hair. So there won't be anything in the cut that enhances your natural texture. You will be lucky if they don't make you puffy and frizzy. So why are you doing that?


Probably because no one ever said to you, "hey, if you wear your hair curly, let's cut it... curly!" If you go into a salon with your hair styled to its natural texture and your stylist doesn't offer to cut your hair to that beautiful natural texture, run. Get up out of that chair and go because your stylist does not understand your hair. I will finish this statement with this. To the stylist who disagrees with me and thinks it a good idea to cut curly hair wet... Come at me bro.

Your natural texture is beautiful! You need a haircut that enhances it, not flat irons it.

This is why I always cut curly hair dry so long as you wear it that way at least %50 of the time. I have had clients who didn't know their hair was curly leave with Georgia's ringlets.


 Here's the low down on a curly cut service.

First, I have you come in with your hair air dried to your natural curl. Even if it's s frizzy mess. It's ok. I can fix it.

I cut your hair dry, one curl at a time and I never use a comb or brush. No never! I pull each curl and look at the curl pattern before cutting it. Allowing it to bounce back into place perfectly after each cut.

Next we wash your hair and I use this part of the service to encourage your natural texture. I gently cleanse and massage your scalp without disrupting your natural curl pattern and I use lots of water to keep those thirsty locks hydrated. When we do conditioner I run my fingers through the hair to remove any curls and reform each curl the way that I want it. I am careful to give you a nice part and face frame as well. The next part is important. I run the water on a low setting cupping the spout with my hand and gently drip water onto the hair without disturbing the curls I just created. I apply a curl cream at the bowl and reform any curls where needed. I gently squeeze the water out with my hands continuing to encourage curl. And very gently towel dry. We add clips at the root to encourage height and then we take you to the dryer.

You spend 20ish minutes under there. But let's face it you would spend at least that much time waiting for me to Blowdry all your curls straight.

Next I finish your cut on your newly dried and re-curled hair. By now your hair should be bouncing into perfection


This is what a proper curl service looks like. If this is not what your stylist does, you may want to reconsider who does your hair. Any divacurl, Ouidad, or Bb. Salon should be able to help you. I do a combination of what I learned from Divacurl and Bb. It allows me to create looks that all my own while still following the rules of a curly service. If you live in the Phoenix Metro Area are interested in finding a hair salon in Phoenix or Scottsdale Salon, I encourage you to book an Advanced Hair Analysis with me at