Ingredient Spotlight: There’s No Cure for Pineapple

On this beautiful July day, I like to think back to another July afternoon. Some years ago I lived with my husband, then boyfriend and musician, and our 4 roommates, also musicians, in a 5000 Square foot McMansion with a full Olympic sized swimming pool and a resort style back yard. Lets just say, we threw a lot of parties.


I believe this was the same party where we bought five gallons of Sake from our favorite sushi restaurant just before they went out of business. I may have had a few cocktails. I’m not exactly sure how the conversation started but one of my friends was saying that there is no cure for stupid. I heard this as I came out with fresh pineapple and said “Thers’e no cure for PINEAPPLE!” When my friend told us that he didn’t like pineapple. I told him that was because he hadn’t tried fresh pineapple and began to goad him into eating it. When he refused, I may or may not have tackled him in the grass and shoved pineapple in his face. To this day if someone mentions pineapple, the inside joke is THERE’S NO CURE FOR PINEAPPLE.


So without further ado. Here is why you will love pineapple in your skincare and my favorite products with pineapple that will have you saying THERE’S NO CURE.


Pineapple extract acts as a chemical exfoliant. it contains the enzyme bromelain which has antioxidant and skin-soothing properties.

Pineapple ceramide, on the other hand is a lipid found in the hard skin of pineapple. It helps to hold water in the fruit and on our skin , it help to prevent water loss, in addition it lightens the skin, and has anti-aging properties in that it maintains the skins structure.

The first spotlight product is by Emanence: Pineapple Enzyme Pro Peel 10%


This is a professed product and is available through any salon/spa that varies Eminence. My salon, Leidan Mitchel in Arcadia, Phoenix, AZ caries the line. It has 10% AHA which makes this a nice mod-strength Peel that will open pores, exfoliate the skin and prepare it for other products.


Advanced Genifique Sensitive dual concentrate is the next product example in this ingredient spotlight. This is a lovely serum jam packed with antioxidants and skin lightening ingredients. However if you are sensitive to fragrance, this serum may not be sensitive enough for you.



Last, but most definitely not least is B-Hydra from Drunk Elephant. I am super obsessed with this product line, which you know if you follow my blog. You can check out my review of this line here. This contains Pineapple ceramide which has skin lightening properties but also aids in hydration. It pairs incredibly well with the powerful B Vitamins in this formula.

So next time you think of pineapple, maybe instead of thinking of pina-colada's you will think skincare instead.

If you want to learn more about you skin and which products would work well for you, you can schedule an Advanced Analysis at my salon Christi Lanz at Leidan Mitchell in Arcadia, Phoenix.