How to Protect Your Hair from the Sun this Summer


The summer heat is ramping up and here in Phoenix, Arizona the temperatures are hanging out in the triple digits for the next few months.

It is during these months that our hair is most in jeopardy from damage from the heat and rays of the sun.



Living in the desert can be hard on your hair but no matter where you live it is important to protect your hair this summer. Everyone knows that too much sun is dangerous for your skin but I don't think most people realize how bad it can be for your hair as well. The UVA/UVB rays act very similarly to bleach on your hair causing it to look dull, faded or damaged.


Another thing to think about is skin cancer. Most people don't look for strange spots on their scalp, but you should. Ask your stylist to have a look at your scalp periodically and let you know if she sees anything new or unusual. She cannot diagnose you, however, often she is the only one looking at your scalp on a regular basis. If she sees something new or out of the ordinary you should book an appointment with your dermatologist right away. Phoenix, Arizona is number two in the world for skin cancer, so I like to include that in all my Advanced Hair Analyses.



So let's talk about what you should be doing this summer to protect your scalp and hair health,and color.

Cover Up

This is a great time of year for oversized wide brimmed hats. Anyone who knows me knows I love hats! Fedoras, Panama straw, wide brimmed beach and floppy hats are all fashionable ways to protect your hair and scalp.

Another great option is to cover with a summer scarf.


 UV Deep Conditioning Treatment

Professional UV treatments can put an SPF of 15 into your hair for up to three weeks.

So let's talk SPF. SPF measures sun protection but most people think that a higher SPF equals a higher strength, which is kind of true but not really. SPF denotes time in the sun that you are protected. SPF 15 is 15 mins of sun protection, SPF 50 is 50 mins of sun protection. I do not recommend a higher SPF than 50 as they have not been shown to be more effective and high levels of the active ingredients have to be present which may not be good for your skin in the long run.

I like to use my Quench and Protect Hair Package which starts with a scalp detox. It uses micellar water to bubble and fizz away impurities. It is a cool, invigorating way to prep your hair to receive deep hydration.

I follow this up with a UV Conditioning Treatment. It is a super powerful treatment that works in 3 mins at the bowl. It dives deep into the hair to replenish its natural oils without weighing it down and seals down the cuticle and leaves a UV protective shield that lasts up to three weeks! I finish with a haircut to refresh those dry ends. When you are done you'll feel like your hair went on a relaxing vacation.

If you live in the phoenix area you can book this package with me until the end of summer at Christi Lanz at Leidan Mitchell hair salon in Phoenix.


 UV Protecting Products

The next category I want to mention is daily UV Protecting products. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of SPF for protecting your hair health and color. Bumble and bumble is going to get the spotlight from me today.

Their entire H.I.O. Line contains a UV and heat protecting ingredient. I love the dry oil finishing spray for this purpose. Because you can apply it to your hair right before you go out like a sunblock. It also doubles as a heat protectant before curling and flat-ironing.


Christi Lanz lives in the Phoenix metro area. If you would like to know more information. You can visit Christi Lanz at Leidan mitchell a Hair Salon in Phoenix by going to