Today I want to spend a moment talking about the differences between balayage and regular old fashioned highlights and why I think that in ten years young girls will say, "What's a Foil Highlight?"

Once upon a time, everyone highlighted through a cap, and it was called Frosting and all was well in the kingdom. Then, one day, the Foil technique was invented and everyone realized how much better it was. The Frosting technique was shunned and once again, all was well in the kingdom. Today, even the mention of the dastardly frosting technique will earn you equal parts laughter and disgust.  We don't speak of this evil anymore... here's a hint... Foil highlights are the new Frosting.

Balayage has been popular in some form in the U.S. for nearly 7 years now. That's right, and it was in France since the French have been coloring hair. Leave it to them to come up with a beautiful and natural technique that is uniquely placed on every head of hair. They know fashion, and they know color, and that is just one reason that I am so sure that the balayage is here to stay.

Foils are placed on the head in rows, Balayage is placed where the artist thinks it will have the best effect, creating a unique piece of art for each individual. Balayage is truly painting on a living canvas. Foils heat up and create a line of demarcation, Balayage has a soft entry that appears suns kissed and can grow out with the clients natural roots for a longer lasting color.  Foils last anywhere between 6-8 weeks. Balayage lasts 10-12 weeks and oftentimes beyond.

Balayage techniques very widely and create a myriad of looks from dramatic dark, to light soft, natural sun kissed highlights. Contrary to popular belief Balayage highlights can enter right at the root and create just as much lightening as foil highlights. Not all balayage has a root shadow or Ombre effect, in fact: not all balyage is done with lightener. Several colors can be hand painted on to create a beautiful balyaged result. So is Balayage for you? It's for everyone. The French certainly think so.



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