I feel like there has been a lot of misinformation about lash extensions going around lately. Some of that is due to hearsay and others may have had a bad experience with an unqualified lash specialist. Well I am here to clear that all up. Below you will find the top five things I wish everyone knew about lash extensions. 


Lash Extensions are perfectly safe for your natural lashes and will not cause them to fall out or grow back shorter and thinner. Here's the caveat, as long a you choose a lash technician who is careful to apply one single lash extension to one single lash. When one lash extension is glued to multiple lashes it can cause the lash that is ready to fall out to pull out lashes that are not ready. Extensions that are properly applied will not do this. Occasionally, someone who has has had lash extensions for several months or more will take a break and think that their natural lashes look shorter than before. This is usually not the case. We just forget how short and wimpy our lashes were compared to our long, thick extensions.  That is why I usually like to take a before picture so that you can make a good comparison.


If you have never been to a lash service before let me give you an idea of what you can expect. When you arrive at your service you will be asked to lie down on a massage table you will usually be provided with a blanket to cover your self if you get cold and a bolster to put under your legs. I recommend wearing loose fitting clothes so that you will be more comfortable since you may be lying there for a few hours. The Lash technician will apply an eye pad to your under eye and lower lash bed in order to isolate your top lashes away from your bottom lashes. Let your technician know if the pad feels uncomfortable or like it is to close to your eye. You will want to be able to fully close your eyes so that the fumes from the adhesive do not cause them to water before the adhesive is fully dry. If your technician applies the pads correctly it should generally be a very comfortable and relaxing experience. Next all you have to do you relax and keep your eyes closed until the end of the service. The service can last anywhere from one to three hours depending on the speed of the technician.                                   


Your natural lash cycle takes an average of six weeks. Depending on the person you naturally loose between 2-5 lashes per day and behind that lash grows a new lash. If you have a faster lash cycle or very oily skin you may need to get a fill to refresh your lash extensions more often. Most people will get a fill every 3 weeks. If you have a slower lash cycle or don’t mind being a little sparse for that last week then you may be able to go 4 weeks. If you are the sort of person that likes their lashes to look full and perfect all the time, then 2 weeks is your best bet. I've always felt that lashes last as long as my nails in fact I have stopped getting my nails done and replaced that appointment time with my lash appointment.


Everyone’s eyes are different. Some people have large eyes some people have smaller eyes. Some people are naturally blessed with long, thick, luxurious lashes and some of us have shorter,  thinner lashes. Your extensions can be customized to your eye shape and lash length. I usually recommend that you don’t go more than twice the length of your natural lash and if you have smaller eyes a thinner, shorter lash extension will generally look better. You can also go with a more natural look or a more dramatic look. If you are unsure, I  recommend starting more natural and slowly going longer and thicker with each session until you find the perfect fit for you


The first 24 hours are when you need to be extra careful with your new lash extensions, and you should not get them wet. The next day you are ready to live your life a usual. Swim, shower, and forget about your lashes. The only changes I suggest you make in order to prolong your wear are to switch out any face products with oil for oil -free replacements. Choose a oil-free moisturizers and and an oil free eye makeup remover for starters. I suggest Mabelline Expert Eyes 100% oil free makeup remover. Don’t wear waterproof mascara. Most people will find they no longer feel the need to wear any mascara. If you choose to wear it try to keep it on the ends of your lashes away from the the adhesive. That’s it! Now enjoy waking up beautiful, needing to wear less, makeup and generally looking more beautiful than all your friends.

Thats it. Just choose an experienced lash technician who uses quality products and your are ready to wake up beautiful! I am a Licenced Cosmentologist of 5+ years and use the luxury line EBL Lashes. see my homepage for appointment information if you live in the Phoenix Metro Area. 


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